·  Frames
Made by concrete of C20/25 quality and by a reinforcement of a St IV B500s category, always based on the authorized license project.

·  Masonries
The external masonries have a total thickness of 23 cm and are constructed with a double brick of 9x15x35 dimensions with the necessary gap for fitting a thermal insulation material (rolled-in polystyrene having a thickness of 5 cm) or a sound insulation material (mineral wool 5 cm) in cases of partition walls of residences. The internal masonries have a thickness of 9 cm and are constructed with a single brick of 9x15x35 dimensions.

·  Claddings
A ready-made industrialized lime-cast is applied externally in three coatings (rough coating, basic coating and final coating) whereas internally a ready-made plaster Knauf (MP-Leight) is applied. Corner beads are placed both on the horizontal and vertical edges, as well as glass frameworks for reinforcing claddings (changes of structural elements, surfaces with rolled-in polystyrene).

·  Electrical equipment
The electrical installation will be manufactured with certified materials authorized by the Public Power Corporation (D.E.I.). The whole cable network will be placed in plastic or spiral pipes. The installation materials (boards, switch fuses etc.) will be of certified factories (Hager, ABB, Siemens). In the rooms 3 sockets of 220V power are placed, as well as a telephone socket, TV socket (satellite) and a reversing switch. All apartments have a video door phone and an alarm system installation. All the socket switches are of the Legrand Company.

·  Hydraulic equipment – Heating
Full hydraulic installation with thermal binding pipes, drain installation with plastic PVC 6atm pipes and independent heating installation with heating units of panel type. There is also an installation for fitting a solar water heater.

·  Marbles
End slats of external frames, as well as stair coverings (staircases), staircase coatings and rail coverings with A' quality marbles are placed.

·  Tiles
Floor coverings and wall coatings with tiles of European factories. The owner selects the quality, colour and dimensions of the tiles, as long as the manufacture phase allows it.

·  Metal railings
The form, dimensions and profiles constituting the railing are manufactured according to the architectural project.

·  Oil paintings
Preparation of all surfaces with a primer using an acrylic raw material. In continuance, painting in three successive and crossed layers. All colours are of certified factories (Kraft, Vechro, Vitex).

·  External frames
Plastic opening and sliding – type frames are placed with PVC frames of German factories, according to the architectural project. They have double glass panels (of 4mm + 4mm thickness) having a gap of 18 mm between them, as well as thermoblock bridges, so that the best sound and thermal insulation of the residences is secured.

·  Internal frames
Wooden crimp anegre frames with a fastened splice plate. An armoured door with twelve safety spots with a pantograph figure is also placed.
The owner selects the colour of the internal frames, as long as the manufacture phase allows it.

·  Kitchen
The small doors of the kitchen cupboards will be made of bakelite or lacquer and the counter will be made of Duropal having a thickness of 4 mm. The owners will be absolutely free to select the design and colour of the kitchen furniture.

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